Maintaining Love: intimate lessons from a Marriage Family Therapist.




My name is Randi Hope Pritikin.  I am a 33-year old  Marriage Family Therapist.


Throughout my life I struggled with relationships. I was a commitment phobe.  I loved beginning new relationships, falling in love, making love, and diving deep into intimacy. However, I could only go so deep until a panic would wash over me and I would escape the relationship. I talked a good game but when real intimacy would peer its head, I would run for the hills.

Life was not satisfying. I was beginning to see that my lack of connection and intimacy with others was only a result of a disconnection from myself. I wanted to learn how to be intimate. I wanted to Know myself.

I decided to change. I started connecting to myself and doing the work to prepare me for the next step; a healthy, deep and loving relationship.

This is a blog of my journey through my relationship with J.  He has agreed to let me write about our relationship to help others deepen their connection and love. I have had semi-long term relationships before, however I took a break to do my own inner work to prepare me for a more conscious way to love. So, needless to say, I’m new at this whole relationship thing and couldn’t be more excited to dive into real lasting intimacy. In this blog I intend to investigate, theorize, philosophize, experiment, respond to your questions, and most of all, practice intimacy while using my own relationship to determine what works and what doesn’t. My hope is that you write to me with questions you have about intimacy, relationship issues, conflict resolution techniques etc. Anything in the realm of relationships I will investigate, so that we learn what works for each of us to maintain our love. 

I look forward to sharing my journey and process to continue to maintain a healthy, deep and loving relationship.


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